Monarch Mary’s Pupils Emerge Victorious in NSEA Provincial Horseriding Trials

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Queen Mary’s School Celebrates Outstanding Victory In Equestrian Competitions

Located in the vicinity of Thirsk, Queen Mary’s School has recently been at the vanguard of equestrian success. This is following an impressive triumph during the NSEA County Qualifiers taking place in Northallerton. This feat is even more astonishing as every team or individual participating in the competition from the school secured a first-place win in the entered classes.

A Sweep of Unprecedented Success

The exemplary performance was embodied by the combined efforts of Ella, Peggy, Sophie, and Pippa. Their results have secured a sought-after position for them at Royal Windsor and paved a path towards the county championship at Hickstead scheduled in May. Ella was particularly impressive, with three distinct accolades to her name including becoming the individual county champion and securing the Hickstead Elite ticket for Yorkshire in both the 90cm and 100cm categories.

Individual Achievements Stand Out

The 80cm Eggbut team, consisting of Isabel, Lily, Pippa, and Peggy, obtained the Hickstead qualifying ticket for their county. Besides this, Isabel clinched the first place for Yorkshire in both the 70cm and 80cm individual county championships. Venetia distinguished herself with a stunner first place in the 60cm individual event and a noteworthy second place in the 70cm individual event. In addition, Willa qualified for the Grass Roots regional championship by accomplishing a third-place finish in the 60cm category.

Team Achievements Shine Through

It wasn’t just individual efforts that shone. Other teams from Queen Mary’s School also demonstrated excellent performances. The 70cm Snaffle and 80cm Grackle teams claiming second and third spots respectively. Our source revealed that the school’s equestrian center manager extolled the students for their unswerving dedication and commitment to the sport.

The Head of the school, Carole Cameron, reflected immense pride in the equestrian stars of the school, stating that their triumph is a testament to their passion, talent, and unyielding effort. She conveyed her hope that this accomplishment would be a beacon of inspiration for other students in the school to strive for greatness.

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