Milbauer Corporation Sets Foremost Brick for Fresh €30 Million Facility in Serbia

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Serbia Celebrates Groundbreaking for Milbauer Holding’s New Factory

Adding a significant marker to Serbia’s industrial expansion, a monumental ceremony took place at Stara Pazova to lay the foundation stone for the anticipated Milbauer Holding’s factory. The ceremony was presided over by notable figures such as Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Milbauer Holding’s CEO, Josef Milbauer. This event is a testament to the German company’s commitment to Serbia’s economic growth.

Milbauer Dedicates €30 Million Investment to Serbia’s Industrial Growth

The planned factory, backed by a hefty €30 million investment from the German tech behemoth, underscores their confidence in the industrial potential and human resource capabilities of Serbia. This venture aims to create jobs for over 150 Serbian citizens and offer an average salary of €900, symbolizing a tale of growth, resilience, and shared prosperity.

Spurring Innovation and Boosting Employment in Serbia

Beyond merely being a manufacturing unit, the new factory is set to serve as a complex for innovating and building batteries and fuel cells for electric vehicles. While its technological contributions are commendable, Serbian President Vucic drew attention to its remarkable impact on the local employment scene during the ceremony. Milbauer’s investment brings forth not just jobs but also crucial opportunities for Serbia’s scientific and technological sectors.

Milbauer’s Ongoing Commitment to Serbia’s Growth

Interestingly, the establishment of the new factory isn’t a standalone venture but a significant step in Milbauer’s ongoing relationship with Serbia. The Serbian journey for Milbauer began in 2012, with the establishment of a tech park, currently employing around 250 workers, a majority of whom are well-educated. Given the new factory, Milbauer’s footprint in Serbia is poised to grow, further fuelling the local economy and the job market.

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