Milan in a Day: UK Man’s Night Out Costs Same as London, Sparks ‘Extreme Day Tripping’ Trend

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Britons Turn ‘Extreme Day Tripping’ into an Exciting Trend

A Tale of a Budget Night Out in Milan by Jamie Segal

Strapping on his adventurous boots from his home city of Cambridge, British native Jamie Segal set off on a unique journey: a whirlwind evening in Milan. Segal transported his adventurous night into the limelight, delivering a firsthand account on the popular social media platform, TikTok. Using the username jamie.segal, he captured the essence of his Italian experience, racking up an impressive 400,000 views and counting.

Highlights of A Night in Milan

Jamie spent an action-packed day, marking his journey in spectacular locations like the iconic Duomo di Milano and the San Siro stadium. A dedicated foodie, he also ensured to indulge in the region’s delectable local cuisine. What’s more remarkable is this exciting venture was accomplished within only 24 hours, without the need to book any accommodations overnight.

Cost of an Unforgettable Experience

The price tag on Jamie’s adventure was surprisingly modest. According to our sources, the total cost of Jamie’s trip ranged between £100 and £200. The aim of the journey, as Jamie explained, was to prove that a Milanese night out equals the cost of a regular Londoner’s night. The proof lies in the plane tickets, rounding up a mere £31 for a return flight.

The Emergence of ‘Extreme Day Tripping’

The idea of spending a day zipping off to foreign lands and returning home on the same day, dubbed as ‘extreme day tripping,’ has been seen growing traction among travel enthusiasts in the UK. Another, London dweller, Ehteshan Hanifa, followed in Jamie’s footsteps making his day adventure to Milan. Ehteshan’s shared his experiences on social media, showcasing the extreme day tripping not only is feasible but also brimming with fun and entertainment. The trend seems to be on an upward swing, offering an exciting new flavour to the world of travel.

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