Exploring Altea: Spain’s Hidden Gem Just Minutes from Benidorm’s Bustle

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Discover Altea: The Santorini of Spain

A delightful town nestled next to Benidorm, Altea has increasingly become a key attraction on the Spanish holiday map. Significant distances from the lively party scenes of Benidorm, Altea, paints a contrasting, peaceful, and serene picture for travelers who crave tranquility amidst beautiful landscapes. This enchanting town, often dubbed “The Santorini of Spain,” promises a unique, varied vacation experience with its charm.

A Cultural Haven Near Benidorm

Despite being a stone’s throw away, merely a 20-minute drive from Benidorm, Altea feels like a world apart. Altea’s most beautiful attraction, without a doubt, is its Old Town. Lined with narrow, cobblestone streets, the Old Town takes visitors back in time. A wander through this part of the town reveals the whitewashed buildings reminiscent of old Spanish architecture. One of the noteworthy places here is the Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa San Miguel Arcangel, a destination that adds to Altea’s cultural richness.

Beaches and Markets of Altea

Apart from the tranquil aura of the town, Altea offers an array of serene beaches and local markets which add to the town’s vibrancy. Unlike Benidorm’s bustling shores, Altea’s beaches offer a less crowded environment making it a perfect haven for those seeking peace and quiet while still basking in the seaside ambiance. The local markets, on the other hand, offer a taste of the local life, making Altea stand on equal footing with its noisy neighbor, Benidorm.

Transportation and Accommodation

Altea offers easy transportation facilities such as buses and trams for tourists who are eager to explore both the peace of Altea and the liveliness of Benidorm without any hassles. Cheap and affordable flights to Alicante airport, just 70 kilometers away, make Altea an accessible destination for those flying in. A variety of accommodation options in Altea caters to different budgets and preferences, ensuring that every visitor finds a place to call home during their stay.

Balance of Tranquility and Vibrancy

Altea’s allure is its perfect balance of tranquility and vibrancy. It blends the peace and serenity offered by its scenic views and cultural offerings with the proximity to the bustling nightlife of Benidorm, creating a holiday experience that will appeal to varied travelers. Despite being quieter than Benidorm, Altea’s charm is magnetic, pulling visitors from all walks of life, promising them a balanced and unique holiday experience that they cannot find elsewhere.

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