Chimelong Spaceship: Breaking Records with World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park in Zhuhai, China

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The Chimelong Spaceship: A Record-Breaking Wonder

Emerging from our credible sources, we bring you groundbreaking news about the Chimelong Spaceship, a marvel birthed by the Guangzhou-based Chimelong Group. A grand unveiling was held in September 2023, during which the Chimelong Spaceship set an astounding seven Guinness World Records.

Outshining Expectations

Including remarkable titles such as the world’s biggest indoor theme park and aquarium, the Chimelong Spaceship has left the globe astounded. Notable for its humongous size, spanning over 4 million square feet, it includes a specially designed 304-seat simulator and 1 million square feet of public space on each level.

The Chimelong Spaceship is strategically located adjacent to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Augmenting its allure is the all-new 1,250-room Chimelong Spaceship Hotel. Nevertheless, the main attraction that’s captured everyone’s curiosity is a marine science walkthrough that spans 10 comprehensive zones. This unique feature has been masterfully developed by The Bezark Company, a notable immersive experience creator based in California. The company lent its creativity in building original storytelling, Intellectual Property characters, state-of-the-art animatronics, and top-notch entertainment to bring this project to life.

Laying the Foundation

Despite the setbacks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction of this exceptional project was rightfully finished. It offers diverse exhibits such as the Coral Monster, along with an African biome composed of intriguing animatronic shows.

Inform, Educate, and Entertain

The intention enveloping the Chimelong Spaceship is far from being solely an entertainment provider. Its design and operation aim significantly towards enlightening and educating visitors about marine life and the crucial need for its conservation. With various storytelling and interactive experiences at its core, the Chimelong Spaceship masterfully blurs the lines between learning and entertainment, thereby ensuring a wholesome experience for every visitor.

  • World’s largest indoor theme park and aquarium
  • Spanning over 4 million square feet
  • Adjacent to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
  • Comprises the 1,250-room Chimelong Spaceship Hotel
  • Featuring a marine science walkthrough over 10 unique zones

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