Encalm Hospitality Unveils New Lounge at Hyderabad Airport, Elevating Travel Comfort

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Encalm Hospitality Unveils Luxury Lounge at RGIA, Hyderabad

A Luxurious Addition to the Domestic Departures Offering Unmatched Comfort and Amenities

The Reader Wall reports that Encalm Hospitality has launched a new luxury lounge at the Domestic Departures, Level E, at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad. The expansive lounge spans over a magnanimous area of 1794 square meters with ample space to cater to 442 guests at a time, a significant addition to the airport amenities hoping to boost the comfort and convenience of passengers.

Array of Amenities for an Enhanced Travel Experience

Apart from the usual offerings, the lounge is replete with a vast array of additional amenities including 24-hour operations, free Wi-Fi, exclusive lounge bays, a completely stocked bar, availability of newspapers and magazines to keep guests updated with the world affairs, a spacious dining area and showers. Special attention has been given to meet the gastronomic expectations by offering live food stations and a dedicated children’s play area to keep the young ones entertained.

An Emphasis on Comfort, Culinary Excellence, and Hospitality

The lounge takes care of varied food cravings too, with its dedicated Food and Beverage section offering a buffet stocked with a wide selection of delicacies and beverages, available throughout the day and night. The Encalm Hospitality CEO, Vikas Sharma, emphasizes that the lounge is not just a place to relax before the journey, but is an immersive experience designed with utmost care to focus on supreme comfort, culinary excellence, and warm hospitality to cater to the diverse needs of contemporary travelers.

Aiming to Redefine the Travel Experience

This initiative by Encalm Hospitality aims to redefine the travel experience by creating a harmony of comfort and culinary brilliance. With its eye for detail and dedicated customer service, they hope this new inclusion will add a new dimension to passenger comfort at RGIA and set a benchmark for other hospitality service providers in the aviation industry.


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