Embark on a Medieval Adventure: Sherwood Forest Faire Returns Near Austin, March-April 2024

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The Sherwood Forest Faire: 15 Years of Renaissance Revelry

One of the biggest highlights of the Lost Pines region in Bastrop County, near Austin, Texas, is the Sherwood Forest Faire, a Renaisannce-themed festival. This year marks a milestone for the event as it celebrates its 15th year of immersive medieval experience. According to our sources, the event will run every weekend from 2nd March to 21st April 2024, and it also features a special opening on 15th March for spring break. Operating hours are fixed from 10 am up until dusk, and the faire operates even in the occurrence of rain.

Festival Location and Access

The faire is conveniently located just 35 minutes drive east of Austin. This offers festival-goers the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic middle-aged setting without going for a long-distance drive. Important to note, though, pets are not permitted in the festival grounds.

Experience the Middle Ages in Sherwood Forest

Upon arrival at the festival site, visitors are greeted by an impressive 25-acre festival ground, designed to recreate an authentic medieval atmosphere. Here, visitors can explore various attractions such as knights in shining armour, fairy creatures and thrilling performances by merry outlaws.

Moreover, visitors are brought closer to the medieval period with the presence of characters like King Richard and Queen Mother Eleanor of Aquitaine. These characters not only add to the atmosphere but contribute to an overall immersive medieval experience.

Food, Art, and Entertainment at the Faire

The festival doesn’t just stop at recreating a visual medieval environment; it goes further by offering an array of medieval-inspired handcrafted artwork, food and beverages. From local dishes to foreign delicacies, the food menu is guaranteed to cater to all preferences.

Additionally, there’s no shortage of entertainment options. Festival-goers can look forward to a variety of activities including music performances, magic shows, jousting, falconry, juggling, sword-fighting, among others.

Stay in Medieval Campgrounds

For those interested in extending their experience, the Faire offers an overnight stay at their medieval campground. This offers an excellent opportunity for attendees looking to further explore the festival and engage more with the historical fantasy adventure.

  1. Open every weekend from 2nd March to 21st April
  2. Showtimes from 10:00 am to dusk
  3. No pets allowed
  4. Located 35 minutes East of Austin

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