Medical Attendant Gets Inmate Bravery Prize for Exceptional Empathy

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Renowned Porter at Royal Derby Hospital Gains Acclaim for Compassionate Service

In the demanding world of healthcare, a modest porter named Dom Attenborough from Royal Derby Hospital has garnered admiration for his exceptional service and empathy. Dom’s benevolence has not gone unnoticed. He recently won the coveted Patient Hero award in the Monthly Making A Difference Awards hosted by our very own hospital.

Tireless Aid in Difficult Circumstances

Dom’s journey to acclaim began when he steered support towards a patient swiftly shifted to the Intensive Care Unit, eventually receiving end-of-life care in Ward 403. At a period filled with emotional unrest and panic, Dom remained a resolute beacon of strength for the afflicted family. His keenness and genial nature reassured the family, providing solace during their darkest hours.

A True Example of Service Beyond Duty

So deeply moved were the patient’s family with Dom’s selflessness and dedication, that they nominated him for the distinguished award. On securing the award, Dom modestly voiced his pride in his role and constant commitment to assuaging patients’ discomfort. His persistent devotion reflects in his words. “I am merely performing my duty,” he says.

Praise from Hospital Administration

Dom’s deeds have earned him not just the affection and esteem of the patients and their kin, but also recognition from the hospital’s top executives. Executive Chief People Officer of the hospital, Amanda Rawlings, praised Dom for leaving a profound impact on the patient’s family during a trying time. “Dom’s kindness”, she said, “is an exemplary demonstration of the significant difference we can make in people’s lives.”

An Emphasis on the Importance of Non-Medical Hospital Staff

  • Dom’s exceptional deeds highlight the pivotal role that porters and other non-medical staff hold in healthcare.
  • His story serves as a reminder that empathy and compassion are just as vital as medical proficiency in healthcare sectors.
  • Dom Attenborough’s tale is one of hope, humaneness, and compassion, illuminating the healthcare sphere.


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