McMaster Dormitory Occupants Request Rent Freeze Due to Polluted Water

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Tenants Request Rent Freeze Amid Ongoing Issues at Hamilton University Residence

Residents living in a McMaster University-owned residency at 10 Bay Street South, Hamilton, are strongly asking for a halt in rent charges until the various ongoing problems in the building are fully resolved. The most notable concern is the water contamination issue. Standing in solidarity with the occupants, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3906, has accused the university of lack of transparency and a slow response to the crisis.

Impact on Tenant Health

This crisis has already affected the building’s residents, with one student having to be hospitalised due to drinking the contaminated water. This unfortunate event has resulted in a stronger outcry for swift and efficient measures from McMaster University. There is a growing demand for better transparency and accountability from the educational institution.

Steps Taken by McMaster University

In response to the gravity of the water contamination situation, McMaster University has evacuated the building’s inhabitants for six days starting February 4th. This period will allow for the required repairs on the faulty water system to take place. Meanwhile, the university is providing the residents with alternatives, such as bottled water, while also advising them to boil water before use.

In addition, McMaster University has promised to cover all relocation and related expenses to alleviate the financial burden on the affected residents. This gesture is part of their efforts to uphold their responsibility towards their tenants.

The City’s Stance

The city councillor for Hamilton, Cameron Kroetsch, has publicly expressed disapproval of the initial choice to allow tenants to live in the building before ensuring it was safe and liveable. The ongoing issue with the McMaster University residence highlights the additional stress experienced by student residents who have to balance academic responsibilities in the midst of uncomfortable living conditions.

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