Leslie District Auto Store Fights Blaze and Robbery: A Story of Tenacity and Optimism

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Shocking Double Tragedy Struck ‘Double H Auto and Towing’ Business in Leslie County

Recently an unexpected tragedy unfolded in Leslie County, Kentucky striking a popular local establishment, ‘Double H Auto and Towing.’ The proprietor, Jesse Campbell found his business brutally hit by a fire on January 15, resulting in the loss of numerous equipments and tools valued approximately $400,000. The misfortune did not end there as the fire went on to destroy their principal wrecker which Campbell had tactically placed inside the garage to safeguard it from the snow.

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

Despite the catastrophic event, Campbell, alongside his uncle, demonstrated sheer determination. They resurrected their operations in an alternate garage at their premises using borrowed tools from the community and newly bought equipment. This brave endeavor to bounce back was backed by the support of the community, asserting the strength of the bonds in this small community that stand strong during testing times.

Robbery Dampens The Rebuilding Efforts

However, their resurgence was soon marred by another misfortune. The garage was burgled shortly after they resumed operations. The burglars cunningly cut and replaced the lock and cleared out all the newly bought tools, which were worth more than $2,000. This second mishap added to the torment of Campbell and his uncle who were just beginning to recover from the previous disaster.

A Silver Lining Hope Emerges

The invested efforts to trace the culprits have resulted in the recovery of a plastic piece possibly connected to the theft at the crime scene. Campbell expresses optimism in this unexpected lead, hopeful that this evidence might be instrumental in identifying the culprits. The garage has put out an appeal to the public soliciting any information related to the crime, by providing a contact number and their Facebook page to report any leads. This collective drive by the community in the pursuit of justice is a testament to their resilience and unity, in the hopes for rightful justice to be delivered and the culprits to be brought to law.


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