Leonard Hall Youth Marine Institute to Persist Operation; Fresh Guardians Selected

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Significant Milestone in the Naval Education: Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy Continues to Sail Forward

At the core of Leonardtown, Maryland, the Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy (LHJNA), an establishment rich with history and prestige, plays a significant role in naval education. Recently, following a period of intensifying uncertainty, the academy declared that it would remain open, thanks to a definitive vote. This noteworthy development occurred during a unique gathering on January 26, 2024, which brought together the academy’s corporation, consisting of parents and staff.

An Unprecedented Turn for the Esteemed Academy

The act to extend LHJNA’s operations marks an extraordinary progression in the academy’s illustrious journey. Threats of closure hung heavily over the academy following an unfortunate decision by the county commissioners to end its lease. However, the academy is up and ready to resume sessions in the approaching week. Existing families associated with LHJNA are requested to partake in an email survey. Such an initiative validates the academy’s readiness to collaborate with its community and address their apprehensions.

New Governance Steers the Sail

The unique gathering further witnessed the formation of a new Board of Trustees for the academy. Comprising Christine Quade as President, Mike George as Vice President, Karen Price as Treasurer, Mary Dees as Secretary, and Anita Drury as Historian, it is a formidable team. The new governance assures to navigate the academy towards a favorable future amid the existing challenges.

Looking Ahead: Hurdles and the Role of Community Support

As LHJNA surges forward, it looks forward to divulging additional details with its fraternity. The academy has stressed the continuous need for support and prayers, underlining the upcoming obstacles and the pivotal role the community plays in the academy’s sustenance. This appeal underscores the academy’s adherence to its core values of resilience, perseverance, and communal spirit, qualities that will be key in charting its course forward.


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