Lauren Goodger Ponders Homeschooling for Daughter During TOWIE Comeback

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Lauren Goodger Considers Homeschooling for Daughter Amidst Return to ‘TOWIE’

In recent news, Lauren Goodger, the 37-year-old former star of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ (TOWIE), hinted at potentially homeschooling her two-year-old daughter, Larose. Brought to our attention through her Instagram account, Goodger shared a thought-provoking video created by digital creator, Charlotte Millar. The clip points out the misconceptions of homeschooling while highlighting the possible advantages, suggesting that home-schooled students are frequently more content, considerate, and insightful.

Juggling a Return to TV with New Education Plans

The context surrounding Goodger’s thoughts about homeschooling adds a layer of considerable complexity. She is in the midst of orchestrating a comeback to TOWIE. After a decade-long pause from the show, the return will present potential logistical difficulties, especially considering Goodger’s circumstances as a single parent. The unfortunate passing of her second daughter, Lorena, shortly after birth due to umbilical cord complications, may be another factor impacting her current contemplation.

Personal Hurdles Amid New Education Considerations

Further complicating the situation, Goodger’s ex-partner, Charles, is entangled in a legal battle. He is presently facing charges of actual bodily harm and coercive behavior against Goodger. These charges are scheduled for trial on March 18, 2024. The impending court proceedings, coupled with Goodger’s professional and childcare considerations, might potentially refine her plans for homeschooling and re-entering the world of television.

A New Trend of Homeschooling Among Celebrities?

Goodger is not alone in her interest in homeschooling. Fitness guru Joe Wicks has also shifted his daughter Indie’s education from traditional schooling to home-based learning. Among his primary motivations for this shift are his wish to enhance family bonding time and to have the flexibility to travel. This suggests a possible emerging trend among high-profile individuals leaning towards homeschooling. As always, only time will reveal the broader implications and acceptance of this shift in educational preference.


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