Japan-Cambodia Cooperation: A Step Ahead in Skill Education

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Enhancing Vocational Training: Cambodia Joins Hands with Japanese Firms

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in Cambodia has recently collaborated with two heavyweight Japanese corporations, Ehime Nissan Group and Forval Corporation. This development, as confirmed by our internal sources on February 1, aims to boost technical skills training in Cambodia, adhering to Japanese standards.

Unveiling New Avenues for Skills Improvement

The important meeting was attended by several distinguished figures, featuring H.E. Heng Sour, Minister of Labour and Vocational Training, Mr. Yutaka Oka, Chairman of Ehime Nissan Group Board, and Mr. Ken Matsumura, Managing Director of Forval Corporation. The representatives from the Japanese side showcased expertise in the arena of truck servicing and additional services, thereby creating potential opportunities for collaboration on car repair skills training in Cambodia adhering to Japanese standards.

A Green Signal for Global Partnerships

Expressing an optimistic sentiment towards the Japanese firms, Minister H.E. Heng Sour highlighted Cambodia’s untapped potential concerning technical skills training, mainly within the machinery sector. He conveyed the Ministry’s readiness to back and collaborate on initiatives intending to uplift the standard of vocational training within the country. This favourable stance indicates the Ministry’s goal of not only enhancing the quality of vocational training but also of fostering productive collaborations with international companies.

Setting the Course for the Future

The collaboration between Cambodia and the Japanese corporations presents an optimistic outlook for the future of vocational training in the country. It reinforces the fact that the government of Cambodia perceives the importance of international alliances in boosting the skills of its working population, thereby fuelling the country’s economic development. Furthermore, the partnership is a reflection of the Ministry’s commitment towards providing its citizens opportunities to acquire skills that have worldwide recognition, enhancing their prospects of employment on a domestic and international level.


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