India Pitches Historic First-class Record! 252 Years Unprecedented Achievement

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Tanmay Agarwal Makes Records with Unbelievable Triple Century

Cricket player Tanmay Agarwal, representing Hyderabad, astonished cricket enthusiasts with an unprecedented triple-century, scored within just 147 deliveries. His performance occurred during a Ranji Trophy match against Arunachal Pradesh on Friday. With Agarwal’s exceptional play, Hyderabad managed to wrap up a score of 529 runs within a mere 48 overs, at the expense of only a single wicket. News comes from the source of Reader Wall.

Statistical First in Cricket History

Agarwal’s remarkable achievement marks the first instance of a batter completing a triple-century in less than 150 balls in a first-class cricket match. Considering the highly respected Wisden Almanack, alluding to the introduction of ‘first-class’ cricket games around 1772, Agarwal’s achievement is in fact a monumental first in an approximately 252-year cricket history.

Numerous Records Shattered

The swift triple-century by Agarwal surpassed any first-class cricket record in existence. His impressive innings included 33 fours and 21 sixes, establishing yet another record for the highest number of sixes thrashed in an innings, overtaking Ishan Kishan’s previous record.

A Day of Scoreboard Triumph

Agarwal, 28, earned an additional accolade by becoming the initial player to accumulate more than 300 runs within a single day in Ranji history. Scoring a total of 323 runs off 160 balls, Agarwal’s performance stands out as the seventh-most runs by any player in one day’s play within the realm of first-class cricket. Moreover, it ranks as the second-fastest triple-century considering time.

Celebrating a Fast-paced Cricket Victory

Agarwal’s historical achievement extended beyond the triple-century, as he also recorded the fastest first-class double century by an Indian cricketer. Accomplishing this within 119 balls, he outshone the previous record set by Ravi Shastri, who hit the double century across 123 balls against Baroda in 1985. This easily puts Agarwal’s impressive innings as the second-fastest double century within the realm of first-class cricket.

All these records were confirmed and reported by our source, the Reader Wall. This was truly a momentous day in cricket history.


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