Impact of Climate Change on Asparagus Growth at Agricola Baraldo

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Agricola Baraldo’s Asparagus Output Remains Steady Despite Rising Production Costs

The asparagus processing firm Agricola Baraldo, spearheaded by the Baraldo brothers – Michele, Fabio, and Andrea, managed to maintain their anticipated asparagus output of 230 tons in 2023, which was the same as that of the previous year. However, the company, located at the foothills of the Euganean Hills in Pernumia, saw a decrease in profit margins, despite experiencing an increase in sales, due to escalated production costs, according to our sources.

Unfavorable weather conditions predicted to postpone 2024 Asparagus Harvest

The agrarian company foresees a setback in the 2024 asparagus production start due to heavy rainfall in December and January, impeding field preparations, according to our sources. Consequently, Agricola Baraldo projects a compact asparagus harvest season beginning from March 2024.

Volatile Asparagus Market Prices

The prices of asparagus currently pose uncertainty, being heavily influenced by weather patterns and demand during Easter celebrations. However, Agricola Baraldo claims to be determined in its efforts to provide stable prices for their clientele, predominantly the bulk retailers, based on information from our sources.

Climate Change a Growing Concern

Agricola Baraldo fears severe climate conditions, such as the 2022 drought and the increasing fungal infections seen in 2023, pose a real threat to crop wellbeing. Despite strictly following the integrated pest control measures as mandated by the Veneto region, the demand for higher strength disease control methods is becoming increasingly necessary in light of the ongoing climate crisis, reports our sources.

Distribution Channels and Future Outlook

Our sources indicate the bulk of Agricola Baraldo’s asparagus sales take place via domestic wholesale, northern Italian fruit and vegetable marketplaces, eateries, and exports. Exports make up 20% of the company’s sales and are mainly directed towards Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Hong Kong. Direct sales contribution has also seen a substantial increase, rebounding to pre-pandemic volumes during the last harvest season. With the ever-changing climate conditions, the company’s resilience will be put to the test in the forthcoming years.

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