“His Regret Holds No Value”: Lady Shares Sexual Harassment Tale on Instagram

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Mumbai Young Woman Comes Forward with Allegations of Assault: News Come From Source of Reader Wall

A young woman aged 21 from Mumbai has shared a distressing tale of an alleged drugging and assault experience, casting light on the potential dangers present on social media. Wishing to keep her identity withheld, the victim reveals the traumatic ordeal on Instagram. The accused, Heetik Shah, was a friend known to her through Instagram, and the reported incident took place when they decided to meet offline. The assault reportedly happened on the 13th of January, with investigations being led by South Mumbai’s Worli Police.

Details of The Incident

In her Instagram revelation, the woman describes the horrific turn of events when an ordinary meetup transformed into a frightening ordeal. The night commenced with the two having drinks, after which they visited the Bastian Restaurant. The young woman narrated that she started feeling intoxicated and was filled with anxiety after they had tequila shots, leading her to suspect that she could have been drugged.

“He insisted I drink more, and I had a blackout episode, not recalling what happened next. I suspect I may have been roofied,” she wrote.

The term ‘roofied’ is a slang reference for an individual who experiences assault after being drugged.

Awakening to A Nightmare

The young woman recalls blacking out and waking up to the horrific reality of being assaulted by Mr. Shah. Despite her resistance, the accused reportedly continued with the attack, and allegedly turned aggressive, slapping her thrice in a fit of extreme anger. The brutal act left her scared and intimidated.

The victim revealed the assault took place at the residence of an associate of Mr. Shah.

Post Assault Apology and Investigation

Mr. Shah conveyed his apologies for his conduct the subsequent morning, a gesture she declares meaningless in the wake of his actions. “His morning apology means nothing to me, and he has absconded because he knows what he has done. 12 days have passed, and he hasn’t been arrested,” she further wrote.

In the aftermath of the incident, she reached out to her cousin for support. Even though she suffered physical injuries, she initially avoided letting her parents know. She only reported the incident and registered a First Information Report against Mr. Shah when her family learned about the assault. The police are actively investigating the case.

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