Greece and Cyprus Enhance Farming Partnership at Agrotica 2024 Expo

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Minister of Agriculture Advocates for Stronger Greek-Cypriot Agricultural Ties

Cyprus’ Minister of Agriculture, Maria Panayiotou, has voiced her support for more profound agricultural collaboration with Greece during the international fair ‘Agrotica 2024,’ held in Thessaloniki. This proposition was confirmed in the presence of Lefteris Avgenakis, Agriculture Minister of Greece. Their alliance as part of the EUMED-9 Federation—a determined union of Mediterranean countries—was also highlighted.

Mutual Concerns: Climate Change and Sustainable Farming

Speaking at the event, both Panayiotou and Avgenakis underscored their resolve to tackle climate change implications, advocate sustainable living, and conserve biodiversity. Their unity in action is well encapsulated in their efforts to adopt the Farm to Fork strategy, an EU-led program focused on ensuring fair, healthy, and eco-friendly food systems. Furthermore, they concurred on the necessity to streamline the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), aimed at helping cultivators fulfill food needs while adopting sustainable resource management techniques.

Tapping into the Potential of the Common Agricultural Policy

Minister Panayiotou elaborated on the strategic plans under CAP supporting sustainable farming and the incorporation of modern technologies by cultivators. The CAP Strategic Plan running from 2023-2027 was specially noted, displaying signs of early success. Encouragingly, local farmers have shown an active interest in participating in this strategic initiative, signaling a promising start to the plan’s adoption.

‘Agrotica 2024’: A Springboard for Transformation

The ‘Agrotica 2024’ event is regarded as a vital catalyst for prevailing modernization and adaptation to emerging challenges and trends in the agricultural domain for Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkan nations. The event facilitates networking, knowledge sharing, and experience sharing among public and private sector stakeholders in the agri-food industry. Closing the event, Panayiotou emphasized the historical bond that Thessaloniki shares with Cypriots, hinting at its historical ties with noted agriculturalist and EOKA hero, Kyriakos Matsis, who had studied in the city.


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