Grant-Financed Endeavors Propel Energy-Saving Dwelling Revolution in Providence

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Providence, Rhode Island Ushers in New Era of Energy-Efficient Housing

In a significant push towards a greener future, Providence, Rhode Island, is gearing up to introduce four state-of-the-art housing projects, made possible by a substantial grant pool of $500,000. This funding is part of the Zero Energy for the Ocean State (ZEOS) Demonstration Program, an initiative with a mission to encourage the development of energy-conserving and income-restricted homes. The end goal is to foster the growth of zero energy buildings (ZEBs), a concept pioneered by the U.S. Department of Energy, which stipulates that these buildings should generate as much energy as they consume.

Two Illustrated Projects Sprouting in Providence

Among the four prospective projects, two have been given the green light in Providence, encompassing a robust 176-unit apartment complex by Crossroads Rhode Island, blessed with a $250,000 grant, and a more modest 66-unit building in the I-195 district, courtesy of Pennrose, LLC, granted $97,000. The Crossroads endeavor is designed mainly for residents who earn less than or equal to 30% of the area’s median income (AMI), whereas the Pennrose venture aims to serve those with earnings ranging between 30% and 120% of the AMI.

Sustainable Development Waves Reach Tiverton and Hopkinton

Moreover, Tiverton and Hopkinton are also riding the wave of sustainable development, with housing projects in these areas securing additional funding. The Church Community Housing Corporation in Tiverton has been allocated $34,000 to construct two net-zero homes, while Habitat for Humanity South County in Hopkinton has attracted $119,000 for the creation of seven single-family homes. These eco-conscious developments are aimed at those earning up to 80% of the median area income. In line with ZEB standards, all the homes will be fitted with solar panels and heat pumps, underscoring a strong commitment to greener living.

ZEOS Program: An Early Champion of Energy-Efficient Housing

Our source reveals, the ZEOS Program has played a pivotal role in driving the construction of energy-efficient homes across Rhode Island. So far, the program has disbursed $1,875,000 over three funding cycles, leading to the creation of an impressive 436 energy-efficient residential units. This transformative initiative has effectively reshaped Rhode Island’s housing landscape, with Providence standing at the forefront of the change.

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