Gotion Adopts Averna/NI Test Solutions for Global Battery Manufacturing Boost

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Averna And Gotion Partner To Improve Battery Quality

We have sourced from our network that Averna, universally recognized for its expertise in product testing and quality solutions, has declared an exciting partnership with Gotion, a prominent battery producer operative worldwide. The joint venture focuses on creating a groundbreaking system to conduct end-of-life examinations for battery pack validation.

Innovative Testing System and Its Features

Our source states that this unique system has been designed based on the Batterie Inspektor framework and utilizes state-of-the-art test instrumentation from National Instruments (NI). It is made to comply with Gotion’s specific needs, focusing on securing top-notch performance validation.

The test system introduces a modular and expandable design. It makes integration into various production scenarios effortless. This partnership marks a significant leap in battery manufacturing, promising thorough testing procedures that stand in alignment with contemporary manufacturing visions.

Significance of the Partnership

Gotion, which has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since May 2015, is a leader in the power battery industry. They specialize in power batteries’ development and manufacturing for new energy vehicles and energy storage applications. This unique partnership between Averna and Gotion is poised to redefine technological possibilities and deliver tailored solutions to cater to the battery industry’s evolving global needs.

A Leap In Battery Manufacturing

Providing robust testing is a crucial step towards securing quality in manufacturing. With this partnership, industries will benefit from rigorous testing, validating the performance and reliability of the batteries produced. Companies worldwide will receive not only superbly validated, quality products but also a seamless integration process into their production lines, thanks to the modular design of the testing system.

A Shift Towards a Sustainable Future

The collaboration between global leaders like Averna and Gotion comes at a pivotal time. The need for reliable power solutions and the continued focus on renewable energy sources is more important than ever. This partnership, our sources point out, is a significant step towards maintaining high-quality standards while meeting the evolving needs of the global battery industry—effectively paving the way for a more sustainable future.