Film: Surpassing Turns Terribly Awry, Scorpio Strikes Cycles, Taxi; 7 Deceased

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Tragic Collision in Odisha Claims Seven Lives

Reader Wall’s sources have reported a catastrophic traffic accident on a single-lane road in Odisha, resulting in seven fatalities. The calamitous accident involved a rapidly moving SUV, which collided with two motorcycles and an autorickshaw.

Detailed Overview of the Incident

The calamity unfolded as a Mahindra Scorpio SUV, which was driving at a high speed, smashed head-on into two motorcycles. Subsequently, it rammed an autorickshaw from behind, and also side-swiped a tractor. The horrific sequence of events was captured vividly on a nearby CCTV camera.

The CCTV footage presents a chilling description of the incident: The Scorpio, upon attempting to pass the autorickshaw, is left with insufficient clearance to bypass two bikers, who were riding in the middle of the road. The consequence was a violent altercation with the motorcycles.

Tragic Aftermath

Reports obtained by Reader Wall reveal that the autorickshaw was transporting 15 passengers at the time of the incident. As a direct result of the collision, three individuals lost their lives on the spot. Tragically, four other victims succumbed to their injuries whilst receiving medical treatment in hospital.

Law Enforcement Responds

According to authorities in the village of Bijapur, where the unfortunate incident happened, a police report has been filed. Further investigations into the case are ongoing.

The tragic incident serves as a stern reminder of the devastating consequences of high-speed driving, especially on single-lane roads. Our deepest condolences go out to all affected by this distressing event. Reader Wall continues to urge all motorists to adhere to traffic laws and exercise utmost caution while driving, to prevent further such incidents.

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