FBI’s Engagement Effort: Constructing Connections through Basketball

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FBI Hosts Basketball Match to Boost Community Relations

In an encouraging move to build stronger community relations, the basketball team of the FBI participated in a sporting event against students from Roosevelt High School. The lively match, which was hosted at the FBI’s headquarters in Washington D.C., coincided with a staff working day for the district’s public schools. The game was a part of our broader outreach initiative designed to engage local youth, and deepen their understanding of our operations.

Creating Bonds Through Sports

The Director of the FBI, Christopher A. Wray, along with other high-ranking officials from our organization, were keen spectators of the highly competitive game. Not just a game, the event served as a common ground for our staff and the students to interact and engage. The day also saw enlightening tours of our engaging interactive museum and healthy discussions on the varied roles within our organization and our most significant milestones. One such engaging conversation revolved around our past surveillance of Black activists, which is often a subject of harsh criticism.

Transition in Attitudes

Most of the participating students, belonging to underprivileged Black and Hispanic families, initially held negative presumptions about our organization. But as they got an up-close view of our diverse workforce and the multitude of career opportunities we offer, their attitudes began to shift positively. The activity reaffirmed the significance of community alliance for our continued success, especially when it comes to solving challenging cases. It demonstrated a potentially promising relationship between law enforcement agencies and local communities.

Charting the Course for Tomorrow

By making proactive efforts for community outreach, our aim is to not just build the trust of communities, but also to nurture and inspire future law enforcement professionals. Officials from our organization hinted at the possibility of organizing similar activities in the future, thereby emphasizing our commitment to community engagement and fostering collaborative bonds.


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