Evidence Reveals Jimmy Lai’s Position in Social Campaigns

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The National Security Case of Jimmy Lai

The ongoing national security trial of Jimmy Lai, the founder of the now-closed Apple Daily, has recently resumed and continues to make significant headlines. Testimonies from various key personalities within the organization have provided detailed insights into Lai’s increasing role in social movements following the Occupy Central movement in 2014.

Crucial Evidence from Chan Pui-man

Chan Pui-man, a former high-ranked employee, testified in court about Lai’s intense dedication to democratic growth, freedom, and human rights in Hong Kong. She disclosed that Lai’s active participation in social movements often became the central talking point in editorial meetings among mid and top-level staff. The testimonies offered a unique interpretation of the internal operations of Apple Daily, marking a critical point in the trial.

The Unique Editorial Approach of Apple Daily

Chan’s testimony also provided an understanding of Apple Daily’s editorial strategy. According to her, Apple Daily merged entertainment news with uncovering scandals, ensuring a wide readership while staying committed to its original mission. Despite its eventual suspension, Apple Daily’s legacy and the effects on the media environment of Hong Kong still resonate with the audience.

Evidence from Cheung Kim-hung

Another witness, Cheung Kim-hung, testified about Lai’s transition in public statements after 2020, coinciding with the instigation of the national security law. Cheung indicated that Lai became more careful, shifting from direct endorsement for sanctions to the analysis of their potential fallout. This subtle shift reflects the careful approach adopted by many in the face of the new legislation.

Jimmy Lai has voiced his innocence relating to the three charges of conspiracy, which included collusion with foreign entities and instigation of sedition. This national security trial has garnered international attention and is set to unfold more about the intertwined relationship between media, social movements, and politics in Hong Kong in the ensuing days.

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