ENERGY 2024: Light of Promise for Namibia’s NIEC Sector

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Energy Renaissance: Namibia Preps for International Energy Conference 2024

The dawning of an energy revolution has nations aligning their aspirations and potential; and Namibia is set to take a bold stride with the upcoming Namibia International Energy Conference (NIEC) 2024. The conference, scheduled from April 23rd to 25th, 2024 at the picturesque Droombos Estate in Windhoek, stands as a beacon of optimism, envisioning a prosperous future stemming from opportunities.

Forging Energy Alliances

Themed ‘Reimagine Resource-Rich Namibia: Turning Possibilities into Prosperity,’ NIEC 2024 aims to attract a myriad of participants varying from government personnel, private sector executives, investors and industry thinkers. The aspiration is to facilitate productive conversations around Namibia’s energy industry with the ultimate goal of establishing Namibia as a predominant energy and investment hub in the region.

Fueling Energy Reforms

Namibia’s energy industry has seen significant momentum due to recent crude oil findings and the progression of green energy. Key players like Shell, TotalEnergies, Qatar Energy, and Chevron contribute significantly to exploring and producing Namibia’s petroleum reserves. Concurrently, Reconnaissance Africa is unveiling untapped opportunities inland in the Kavango Basin.

Namibia’s dedication to green energy is made evident by projects such as the $10 billion eco-friendly hydrogen project undertaken by Hyphen Hydrogen Energy. This signifies a major leap toward the future of energy, emphasizing the critical role of renewable resources in Namibia’s energy framework.

Energy Industry Overview: NIEC 2024

Rich with diverse topics, the NIEC 2024 conference will explore everything from geological updates, skill enhancement, logistics, technology, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), eco-friendly hydrogen, and financing. The event is spearheaded by Selma Shimutwikeni, CEO of RichAfrica Consultancy, with valuable support from Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy.

Previous conferences have attracted more than 2000 attendees, and with early bird registrations already open, NIEC 2024 is an opportunity not to be missed for all stakeholders interested in the dynamic future of Namibia’s energy sector.

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