Dhanuka Agritech and Kimitec Team Up to Transform Indian Farming

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Dhanuka Agritech and Kimitec Partner Up for Sustainable Farming

An eminent agri-input firm, Dhanuka Agritech, primarily based in India, is establishing a strategic alliance with Kimitec, a recognized biotechnology entity from Spain. The main goal of this exciting collaboration is to investigate and implement environmentally sustainable agricultural practices, specifically designed for the Indian farming community. The partnership is sourced from our highly trusted sources.

Pioneering a Sustainable Farming Revolution

The alliance announced between the two entities solidifies their commitment towards innovative business ventures, made official by a Letter of Intent. This venture’s main agenda is to lay the groundwork for the inception of a joint venture inclusive of a dedicated research and development facility, based both nationally and internationally, with a major investment in India. The collaboration is aimed towards the invention and popularization of bio-products, that are derived from natural molecules.

Bio-Products: the Next Step in the Evolution of Agriculture?

These pioneering bio-products are a result of comprehensive research over a host of scientific domains such as botany, microbiology, microalgae, and bioinformatics. They are created to provide eco-friendly solutions in fields like crop protection, soil health management, and botanical nutrition, presenting a promising substitute for traditional farming methods. As per Mr. Rahul Dhanuka of Dhanuka Agritech, the company is steadfast in its commitment to provide the highest standards of farming to the Indian farming community. He also touched upon the recent global inclinations towards biological products.

How Kimitec is Reshaping the Biotech Industry

Kimitec, a renowned name in the biotech industry and home to Europe’s prestigious MAAVi Innovation Centre, shared its ambitious intentions to transform global food production through its alliance with Dhanuka Agritech. This partnership will further strengthen Dhanuka’s initiatives aimed at pushing the envelope of technological progress, and precision farming, thus fortifying its existing partnerships with leading global agrochemical firms.

This promising collaboration between Dhanuka Agritech and Kimitec marks an important milestone on the path towards sustainable and efficient farming practices in India, and potentially, the whole world.

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