Detention for Duo Guilty of Vandalizing Police Agency Vehicle During Removal Mayhem

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High Stakes in Tbilisi Court as Accused Await Leniency Decision

In a decisive move, Tbilisi Court of Appeals in Georgia decided on February 2, to put accused pair Akaki Chikobava and Giorgi Khasaia into custody. The two individuals are charged under Article 187, Part 2, Subsection “c” of the Georgian Criminal Code for allegedly causing significant damage to a vehicle belonging to the National Bureau of Enforcement. The allegations stem from the events around the unsettling Kekelidze eviction case.

Prosecutor Indicates Potential for Reduced Sentence

The wheels of justice continue to turn as Prosecutor Roin Khintibidze revealed on January 30, a potential avenue for leniency. Khintibidze stated that if the pair confess to their alleged actions and compensate for the damages caused, this could lead to a potential request for a more lenient sentence, a lifeline for the accused who may escape the harsh fate usually dealt out for such charges.

Acceptance of Guilt and Potential Path to Leniency

Upon hearing the Prosecutor’s statement, both Chikobava and Khasaia acknowledged their role in the incident, albeit partially. They strongly emphasized that their actions were not part of a group effort. Bowing to the pressure, the accused agreed to pay for the damages associated with the incident, a move that could mean a considerable reduction in their forthcoming sentence.

The Scale of Justice Rests on the Professional’s Decision

With their statements made and reparations agreed upon, the destiny of Chikobava and Khasaia hangs in the balance. It relies upon the Prosecutor’s subsequent move, whether to petition the first instance court to overrule the custody decision instated by the Court of Appeals. As we wait, the decision rests with the Prosecutor, and the coming days will reveal the final judgement: freedom for the pair or subsequent incarceration.

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