Desire Group Initiates on Global Tumor Day to Fight Pulmonary Tumor in Asia-Pacific

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Aspire Consortium Launched to Tackle Lung Cancer Crisis in Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific Policy Review and Engagement for Lung Cancer (Aspire) consortium was officially unveiled on World Cancer Day. Created to address the growing burden of lung cancer in the Asia-Pacific realm, Aspire aims to enhance access to screening, diagnosis, and treatment for patients. To achieve progress, it will work collaboratively with governments, NGOs, and patient groups across the region, according to information from our inside sources.

Lung Cancer: A Dire Situation in the Asia-Pacific

Data reveals that lung cancer ranks as the predominant cause of cancer-related deaths in the Asia-Pacific area, with a staggering one million deaths per year. Experts foresee an escalation in these figures to exceed 1.8 million deaths by 2040. Such upward trends fueled the establishment of Aspire, with the objective of curbing this alarming surge.

The Collaborative Vision of Aspire

The ambitious endeavour of Aspire extends beyond merely offering medical assistance. Committed to advocating for policy changes, Aspire is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of each country in the Asia-Pacific region. Recognizing the notable differences in access to lung cancer care across the diverse nations due to particular local obstacles, Aspire plans to strengthen its initiative with the support of the Asia Pacific Coalition Against Lung Cancer (APCLC).

Benefitting from APCLC Support

An organization spearheaded by physicians, APCLC offers academic input and expertise in regional studies. APCLC Chairman, Dr. Herbert Loong, emphasizes the significance of early screening and improved treatment measures for lung cancer. He perceives the creation of Aspire as a concerted effort to enhance care, increase public and patient awareness, and encourage governments to acknowledge lung cancer as a vital health concern, thereby addressing the inherent service gaps.

Aspire’s Official Launch Event

Backed by five funding members, Aspire will celebrate its Official Launch Event on 20th February 2024 in Singapore. This much-anticipated event aims to invigorate the ongoing battle against lung cancer and kindle hope for millions of patients and families across the region, as sourced from our allied resources.

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