“Demonstrate Our Abilities”: Maratha Quota Protester’s Noon Deadline

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Maratha Quota Leader Sets Deadline for State Government

Manoj Jarange, a notable figure in the Maratha quota protests, has set a daunting deadline for the Maharashtra state government. He has demanded that the government adopt their requested modifications by 12 pm on the imminent Saturday, urging the authorities to issue an ordinance to this effect as soon as possible. These updates come directly from sources at Reader Wall.

Jarange Threatens to Mobilize Mass Protest

Jarange has solidified his stance by warning of a potential march to Mumbai’s prominent Azad Maidan, which may transform into a large-scale protest if his demands aren’t met by the deadline. He has also asserted that the protesters’ journey will not end until they’re granted reservation in government jobs and education.

“The planning will continue until we succeed with the reservation,” Jarange stated from the protest venue at Shivaji Chowk in the Vashi district of Navi Mumbai.

Government Strives to Dissuade Activist

In response to Jarange’s firm stance, the state government has initiated efforts to pacify the situation. This includes attempts to convince Jarange against proceeding with his journey to Mumbai. Deepak Kesarkar, the state education minister, has reassured the media that Jarange’s requests have been accepted and will be executed in accordance with the government’s procedure.

“Until now, over 37 lakh Kunbi certificates have been dispensed, and the quantity is expected to ascend to 50 lakh,” Kesarkar added. For clarification, the term Kunbi is linked to the Other Backward Classes (OBC).

Dissent Continues Amidst Government Assurance

Despite positive assurance from the government, Jarange and his supporters have continued their agitation journey. Thousands rallied alongside him as he arrived in Navi Mumbai, fostering his ongoing plight for Maratha reservation.

Interestingly, the Mumbai Police presented a notice to Mr. Jarange denying his request for a hunger strike in the city, redirecting the proposed gathering to the International Corporation Park Ground at Kharghar upon acquiring the necessary permissions.

Dispersion Call for Protest as It Disrupts Public Order

The notice served by the Mumbai Police further stated that failure to comply could proportionally see offenders held in contempt of high court and Supreme Court orders. Order enforcement establishments voiced concerns over the protests causing disruption to public order, encouraging the dispersal of large-scale assemblies.

Change in Protest Route for Hospital Accessibility

To ensure the smooth operation of local services, Navi Mumbai police officials have met with Mr. Jarange, requesting a modification to the protest route due to a hospital located along it. It’s yet to be seen how this dynamic situation will unfold, with updates to follow from our trusted source at Reader Wall.

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