Delhi Chief Police’s Child Murdered, Corpse Discarded In Channel, Detectives Probe Financial Motive

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The Mysterious Disappearance of An Officer’s Son: Resolved by Delhi Police

As exclusively reported by the ‘Reader Wall’, Lakshya Chauhan, whose father serves as an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), mysteriously vanished while en route to a wedding in Haryana with two companions. His father, ACP Yashpal Singh, who is currently posted in Delhi, reported Lakshya’s disappearance subsequently initiating a sweeping search effort by the Delhi police.

Revelations by Delhi Police: Arrest of an Accomplice

The Delhi Police reported today their crack in the case of the missing 24-year-old man. After a rigorous week-long quest for truth, law enforcement arrested one individual in connection to his disappearance.

The Victim and Debt Dispute

To put things into perspective, Lakshya was an attorney practicing at Tis Hazari court in Delhi. He allegedly borrowed money from Vikas Bhardwaj, a clerk in the same court. Despite numerous reminders, Lakshya failed to repay, sparking a dispute between the two.

The Conspiracy and Execution

Reports from the police suggest that Vikas with his friend Abhishek, an accessory to the crime, plotted to murder Lakshya. On January 22, while on a trip to attend a wedding at Bhiwani, Vikas and Abhishek joined Lakshya in his car. On their way back late at night, under the guise of needing to use the washroom, the suspects and the victim got out of the car near Munak Canal in Panipat.

According to the police, the assassins, along with two collaborators, murdered Lakshya, motivated by the outstanding financial obligations. The body was subsequently disposed of in a drain in Panipat, Haryana, located approximately 40 km away from their last recorded location at Karnal bypass.

The Ongoing Investigation

The law enforcement authorities have discovered the victim’s location in Haryana, and a search operation is currently underway to retrieve his body. Abhishek has been taken into custody by the police, and efforts are in progress to apprehend the other suspect.

Concerning this case, officers have registered a case under statutes pertaining to kidnapping with intentions to secretly wrongfully confine a person and wrongful concealment or confinement of a kidnapped or forcibly taken person.

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