Delhi Chief Police’s Child Attended A Marriage, Later Murdered Due To A Debt

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Young Delhi Attorney Mysteriously Dies at a Haryana Wedding

Lakshya Chauhan, the 24-year-old Delhi-based lawyer and son of an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Yashpal Singh, attended a wedding in Haryana with two companions. In an unfortunate aftermath, Chauhan was discovered lifeless, his body retrieved from a canal. This news was reported from an exclusive source within Reader Wall.

The Incident

Chauhan, a practicing lawyer at the Tis Hazari court, allegedly met his tragic end at the hands of his friends, Vikas Bhardwaj and Abhishek. Reports suggest a brewing financial conflict as the primary trigger behind this heinous act.

The Timeline

The unfortunate series of events started unfolding on a Monday, when the ever-smiling Chauhan, accompanied by Bhardwaj and Abhishek, left for Sonepat to join in some wedding festivities. When Chauhan did not return the following day, ACP Yashpal Singh lodged a missing person report thus culminating in extensive search operations.

The Unraveling of the Case

The investigation brought to light an escalating financial disagreement between Chauhan and Bhardwaj. Bhardwaj alleged that Chauhan had borrowed money from him and constantly failed to return it, stirring conflict between the duo.

Abhishek, who was later taken into custody, unveiled that both he and Bhardwaj had voiced their resentment towards Chauhan at the wedding. Subsequently, they devised a malevolent scheme to orchestrate Chauhan’s death on their return journey.

The Execution of the Plan

On their way back, post the midnight wedding celebrations, the trio made a stopover near the Munak Canal. Taking advantage of this situation, Bhardwaj and Abhishek allegedly thrust Chauhan into the canal thereafter fleeing the spot in Chauhan’s vehicle.

The Aftermath & Investigation

Once they reached Delhi, Bhardwaj deserted Abhishek in Narela and disappeared. After apprehending Abhishek and taking his statement into account, a criminal case was instituted.

The Delhi police, with the relentless dedication, is now escalating the manhunt for Bhardwaj.

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