Cube Enhances Microsoft BI Integration: Unified Analytics Across PowerBI, Azure

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Cube Cloud Integrates with Microsoft BI Solutions

Cube Cloud Amplifies Microsoft BI Solutions Analytics Capabilities

Our sources have recently reported on an important development taking place in the analytics industry. Cube, a high-profile tech company, has unveiled the integration of its Cube Cloud with multiple Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. This latest development significantly enhances analytics capabilities for businesses that use Microsoft’s suite of analytics tools.

Expansion of Cube Cloud’s Universal Semantic Layer

Cube Cloud’s universal semantic layer is expanding its reach, now supporting a variety of Microsoft’s tools. This includes Power BI, Azure, Fabric, and OpenAI. Furthermore, it continues to support other major platforms such as Tableau, Google Cloud, and AWS.

The primary goal of this mega integration is to facilitate a unified metric management system. A system that efficiently traverses various business intelligence and analytics platforms. Thereby, this initiative targets the reduction of time wasted on duplicating business logic. It also aims at enhancing efficiency in the delivery of insights.

Availability and Features of Cube Cloud

It’s important to note that Cube Cloud can now be procured using Azure credits. This is in addition to offering noteworthy features such as VNet connectivity and Azure PrivateLink.

Testimonials and Current Reach of Cube’s Platform

Several businesses have already started experiencing the benefits from this integration. Companies including RamSoft and SecurityScorecard have shown significant improvement in terms of analytics flexibility and cost savings. Furthermore, Cube’s platform is currently operational on 90,000 servers and serves approximately 4.9 million users. Moreover, its user base includes as many as 203 Fortune 1000 companies.


To sum up, this groundbreaking integration of Cube Cloud with Microsoft’s BI solutions marks a major advancement in business analytics. Hence, it can prove to be a game-changer for businesses aiming for cost-effective and efficient data management and analysis.


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