BTK Launches Central KEP Directory: Streamlining Official Communication in Turkey

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New Developments in Registered Electronic Mail System by ITCA

The Information Technologies and Communication Authority (ITCA) is set to advance our official, secure, and legal communication processes with significant improvements to the Registered Electronic Mail (REM) system.

A Universal Directory System for REM

In a bid to provide a more seamless communication experience, The ITCA is introducing a central REM directory. This system would provide users with a common platform to look up REM accounts. The directory system will ease the transition of REM addresses associated with institutions and businesses to the central directory. However, the addition of personal REM information in the system would only occur with explicit approval.

Simplifying the Communication Process

The goal of the central REM directory is to simplify the process of finding REM addresses to send official messages. Whether the recipient is an individual, institution, or company, access to their official communication lines becomes more straightforward. The REM Service Provider (REMSP) avails this directory to users who can search for REM addresses using specific identifiers.

Active Directory Indicators

Beyond providing REM addresses, the directory includes indicators for active REM addresses. This additional feature aids users in ensuring their messages are sent to valid accounts, heightening the efficiency of delivery.

Addressing Key Benefits of the New System

  • Boost in REM usage: The director at TURKREM, Olcay Yıldız, stated that the universal REM guide would boost REM usage in the region.
  • Ease of obtaining REM addresses: Another key benefit of the new system is the ease of access to REM addresses.
  • Increased Adoption Rate: Generally, the director believes that the convenience the new system offers will encourage more users to embrace the use of REM.

Our Stance

We, at TURKREM, remain steadfast in our support for the region’s digital transformation journey. As highlighted by our director, the improved REM system remains integral to streamlining our official communication processes. We envision a future where every individual, institution, and company communicates safely and efficiently.


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