Bomag Unveils Cost-Efficient BW 211 D Smart Line Roller at 2024 ARA Show, Revolutionizing Construction

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New Cost-Effective Bomag BW 211 D Smart Line for Compaction Machinery

Our sources from the 2024 ARA Show in New Orleans, highlighted that the Bomag BW 211 D Smart Line emerged as a bargain for fleet managers. Designed with performance and cost-effectiveness at its core, it stands out for high-quality compaction machinery requirements.

A Design Crafted for the Rental Industry

The Bomag BW 211 D Smart Line, intentionally built for the rental industry, promises superior performance at a reasonable price. It has significantly proved to be 20-30% cheaper than its competitors without any compromise on quality or durability.

Outstanding Features and Specifications

  • This new model shows off a robust design, ease of maintenance, and operation. Plus, it offers optional add-ons for enhanced comfort and latest technology.
  • At its core, it harbors a 125-horsepower Cummins engine with the ability to smoothly handle steep grades of up to 50%.
  • It’s efficiently compatible with diverse terrains, be it roads, dams, or landfills.
  • The Smart Line scores high in compaction efficiency due to its optimal weight distribution. Its smooth drum version turns out to be perfect for working with sand, gravel, and other similar materials.
  • The machine can be quickly converted to a padfoot drum when dealing with cohesive subsoils.

Efficient Operation and Minimal Maintenance

The operator’s cab is designed with an eye for simplicity and ease of use. It requires minimal buttons to handle operation and comes with a vibration-insulated platform. While it may lack some high-end features of the Performance line, it compensates by assuring visibility, safety, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Optional Technology Capabilities

The Bomag Smart Line leaves no stone unturned when it comes to technological advancements. For those keen on real-time compaction monitoring, it supports optional technologies such as the Terrameter and Economizer and can be easily integrated with the Bomap app for comprehensive site compaction mapping.

Elijah Muhammad