Bahrain Medical Facilities Symposium: A Gathering of Brains for Healthcare Superiority

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Healthcare Centres Conference and Exhibition Takes Stage

In the bustling city of Manama, Bahrain, the much-anticipated Healthcare Centres Conference and Exhibition launched, boasting a remarkable turnout of approximately 800 attendees. This prestigious gathering comprised of extremely proficient figures in the medical field including doctors, esteemed academics, advisors, experts, and students was characterized by the presence of a substantial line-up of 76 notable speakers from within and beyond Bahrain’s borders.

Commitment to Strengthening the Health Sector

The Minister of Health in Bahrain, Dr. Jaleela bint Al Sayed Jawad Hassan, in her speech during the opening ceremony, amplified the unwavering pledge of the nation to make their healthcare sector robust. She sang praises of such conferences, underlining their crucial stature as a platform for swapping knowledge and fostering the advancement of health-related sciences and medicine.

Exhaustive Agenda and Elevated Discussions

Dr. Ejlal Faisal Al Alawi, the Chief Executive Officer of Primary Healthcare Centres, outlined the exhaustive agenda of the conference. It incorporates a total of 14 workshops that span a wide array of subjects such as control of infection, family and emergency medicine, vaccines, diseases (chronic, genetic, infectious), oral and dental health, and mental health.

Striving for Superiority in Primary Healthcare

The conference further paves the way for intense discussions regarding the evolution of policies associated with primary healthcare, advancements in medical equipment and treatments, and augmenting the standard and safety of health services. The conference opens the door for dialogue on health institutional accreditation and effective enforcement of medical and health regulations. In conclusion, a series of 38 plenary sessions are planned to illuminate the ethical and legal aspects of primary healthcare.

Consistent with its theme ‘From Theory to Excellence’, the conference is geared towards showcasing Bahrain’s efforts towards enriching the health sector, fostering a culture of perpetual upgrade and achieving superior results in the healthcare provision.

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