Artiste Chinmayi Criticizes Rahat Fateh Ali Khan For Berating His Pupil

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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Draws Criticism After Viral Video

Chinmayi Sripaada, popularly known for her song ‘Mast Magan’, has publicly rebuked Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan after a video of him allegedly assaulting a student became viral on social media platforms. Chinmayi condemned the incident, referring to the act as ‘horrendous’.

Khan’s Alleged Assault

On a Saturday evening, Chinmayi voiced her disapproval through one of her social media accounts saying, “The excuse he provides is ‘A teacher pours love onto the student when they excel, but the penalty is equally severe if they err'”.

This strong reaction follows after a video, heavily shared on the internet, depicts the renowned Pakistani singer physically mistreating an individual while demanding liquor, all while in the presence of numerous onlookers.

“Teachers are often safeguarded by their ‘divine’ position, irrespective of their faith or creed. All their wrongdoings, may it be violence, emotional or even sexual abuse, is overlooked due to their ‘artistry’ or ‘talent’. This allowed behavior has to be put to an end,” Chinmayi further added in her statement.

Social Media Uproar

The incident saw an influx of extensive backlash after the emergence of a video clip on social media platforms over the weekend. It pictured the hindered artist resorting to physical violence involving the use of footwear and slapping over a disappeared “bottle”.

Khan’s Apology

Following the incident, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan publicly apologized for his actions. After the video that caught him in the act ignited a significant uproar online, a subsequent video was released. In this video, as mentioned in one of our reliable sources, the singer explains his actions as a “private matter between a student and his teacher” and named the individual being disciplined in the viral video as Naveed Hasnain.

In the subsequent video, Hasnain is seen standing beside the singer. He claimed, the contested “bottle” from the original video “contained water blessed by a saint,” and he “had misplaced and forgotten about this bottle”

“He is my father and my mentor. He also showers us with loads of love. The person who revealed this video [of the assault] is trying to tarnish my mentor’s image,” Hasnain added.

As reported in our source, Rahat also added that he sought forgiveness from Hasnain immediately following the incident.

Rahat is the nephew and grandson of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and has been recognized with the prestigious Sitara-i-Imtiaz.

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