Ape Snags Guy’s iPhone At Vrindavan Shrine, Gives It Back Following A ‘Pact’

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Unusual Monkey Antics In Indian Cities Cause a Stir

Monkeys in Mathura and Vrindavan Developing a Reputation for Mischievous Deeds

Notorious for their high jinks, the monkeys in Indian cities such as Mathura and Vrindavan have been known to snatch personal items from unsuspecting individuals, often needing to be bribed to return the stolen goods. In an amusing incident which unfolded at Sri Rangnath Ji Mandir in Vrindavan on January 6, a primate made off with a man’s iPhone. The robbery was closely followed by an interesting turn of events. The disclosure of this event comes from a trusted source of Reader Wall.

A Circus of Monkeys: Video Captures Theft

The video unveils a scenario where two monkeys are perched on top of a structure, one hanlding an iPhone it had seized from a man. A crowd gathers, intent on assisting the man in the retrieval of his phone from the monkey. A clever bargain is struck as a pack of Frooti is tossed to the mischievous creature. As the monkey gets hold of the beverage, it promptly lets go of the phone. Showing quick reflexes, a man on the ground manages to catch the phone.

This entertaining footage made its way to Instagram courtesy of a user named Vikas, who humorously captioned the post, “Vrindavan’s Monkeys. iPhone sold in one Frooti.”

Public Reception: A Mix of Amusement and Experience

The intriguing video brought laughter and mirth to many, with numerous comments stating that monkeys have indeed become shrewd, learning the knack of stealing personal items like phones and eyeglasses, only to barter them for food in return. Several people shared anecdotes of similar incidents they had been a part of.

Observers had diverse views on the affair. While some hailed it as a product of the “barter system,” others were of the opinion that the monkeys were coming up with innovative methods to get food. Some viewers went to the extent of calling the monkeys “the best traders in Vrindavan,” labelling them as “schemers” and “professionals.”

Not an Isolated Incident

In a similar incidence that transpired in Bali a few months ago, a monkey only returned a woman’s phone when she proffered two fruits as a trade-off. It seems clear that these primates are developing their own unique way of exchanging goods for edible treats.


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