Andrew Cooper’s Distinct Method for Efficiency and Work-Life Harmony

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Revamping Productivity: A Glimpse into a Leader’s Approach

Our sources have revealed that Andrew Cooper, the head of transformation at Woolworths Metro, has found an unorthodox solution to promote productivity in the corporate sphere. By trading in his laptop for a traditional paper notebook during meetings, Cooper has reportedly seen a remarkable increase in his productivity levels. This change, as simple as it may seem, has amplified his concentration and subsequently improved his efficiency and memory retention.

Stay Fit to Stay Focused

Cooper’s pursuit of productivity does not stop within the confines of the office. He is loyal to an intensive exercise routine, making daily visits to F45, a fitness center situated in Woolloomooloo. Our sources also mentioned he partakes in an endurance event known as Hyrox. This highlights Cooper’s dedication to maintaining his physical well-being.

Bringing Strategic Plans to Life

On a typical workweek, Cooper is chiefly tasked with driving the strategic plans of around 100 Woolworths Metro convenience stores on the east coast. Special attention is given to transformation days dedicated to agile squad and tribe convergences. His intriguing productivity approach, which incorporates reviewing meeting materials at the commencement of the meetup—a tactic endorsed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos—has noticeably boosted the efficiency of these gatherings.

Podcasts, Social Media and Staying Stress-free

Out of office hours, Cooper is an avid podcast listener, with favorites such as ‘All-In’, ‘Founders’, and ‘Business Breakdowns’. He typically spends one hour per day on a popular anonymous social media platform and utilizes Instagram for recommended, curated content. He agrees that these platforms play a substantial role in comprehending the shopping behaviors of the Gen Z consumers. As for dealing with stress, chiefly during intense end-of-quarter planning meetings, Cooper prefers regular physical exercise, a good night’s sleep, and meditation.

Inspiring Others in the Corporate World

Cooper’s journey to productivity and work-life balance, which saw him make it to our publication’s 2023 BOSS Young Executives list, was recently featured in our Summer series of Breakfast with the Boss. His unique methods and strategies offer valuable lessons and inspiration for others in the corporate world, seeking to follow his footsteps to improve their work efficiency and life balance.


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