American Government Ponders Reactivating Embassy in Afghanistan

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US State Department Examines Reestablishment of Afghan Consulate

Our sources reveal that the United States State Department is conducting an evaluation into the possibility of re-opening a consulate in Afghanistan, as stated in a newly released document, “Integrated Country Strategy Afghanistan”. The analysis of this document reveals the current US strategy for interaction with the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan, emphasizing the significance of consular interaction and the necessity for transparency and accountability, notably concerning the freedom of Americans unlawfully detained in the country.

The Restoration of Consular Services

The strategy document further outlines the US’s commitment to providing assistance to the eligible Afghan people, particularly in terms of facilitating their movements and processing applications for Special Immigrant Visas and Immigrant Visas. During the US’s military pullout in August 2021, the functioning of the US embassy in Kabul came to a halt. Since that time, the embassy’s operations have been overseen, remotely, from Doha, while consular services have been extended through neighboring countries.

Establishing Operative Relationships

While the United States does not acknowledge the Taliban as the lawful governing power in Afghanistan, there is a pursuit to create workable relationships in a bid to advance US objectives and to scrutinize the commitments made by the Taliban. This report also emphasizes that the US’s endeavors comprise aiding Afghans in various countries through cooperation with US missions, private sector participation, educational initiatives, and support towards a future political process in Afghanistan.

A Major Humanitarian Supporter in the US

Our source indicates that the US special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, affirms the US’s position as a notable humanitarian supporter for Afghanistan. This assertion underlines the continuing commitment of the US towards the welfare and advancement of Afghanistan, irrespective of the political regime in control.


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