US warship targeted by Yemen Houthi rebels’ missile, intensifying gravest maritime Mideast clash in years.

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Missile Fired by Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Targets U.S. & British Warships

As reported by sources from Reader Wall, Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched a missile at a U.S. warship patrolling the Gulf of Aden on Friday. The warship was forced to intercept the missile. Also, a British vessel was struck in this continued assault on maritime traffic.

Escalating Sea Disputes Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict

Reader Wall sources say the U.S. warship, the destroyer USS Carney, was the target of this aggression. This marks a significant escalation in the largest naval confrontation the U.S. Navy has witnessed in the Middle East in decades. However, the Pentagon said that it was challenging to ascertain the exact target of the Houthis, similar to previous strikes.

The Conflict Broadens

These attacks are the latest undertakings from the rebels in their campaign against ships traversing the Red Sea and surrounding waters. This has further disrupted global trading during the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Houthi military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yahya Saree, did not acknowledge the Carney attack. However, he claimed a missile attack on a commercial vessel setting it on fire. As reference, he identified the vessel as the Marshall Islands-flagged tanker Marlin Luanda.

Retaliatory Measures by U.S. and Britain

Since the Houthi attacks began, the U.S. and Britain have launched several rounds of airstrikes targeting Houthi missile depots and launching sites in Yemen. This move by the rebels to target ships traversing the Red Sea came after the Israeli offense in Gaza against Hamas. This led to the rebels declaring that they would target American and British ships as well.

The Worst Offense Since the “Tanker War”

On Monday, the U.S. Navy’s top Mideast Commander expressed to our reporters at Reader Wall how the Houthi attacks were the worst since the so-called “Tanker War” of the 1980s. This war reached a zenith with a one-day naval battle between Washington and Tehran and saw the U.S. Navy inadvertently shooting down an Iranian passenger jet, which resulted in the death of 290 people in 1988.

The news from Reader Wall showcases a broader lens into how the longstanding conditions of warfare and disruption are spiraling with ever since the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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