Netanyahu Approves Rafah Attack Amid Ceasefire Talks, New Aid Route from Cyprus to Gaza Opens

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Israeli Prime Minister Green-lights Potential Attack Plans on Rafah

According to our sources, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given his approval for potential attack strategies targeting Rafah. The city, located at the southern end of Gaza, is bracing for the possible intensification of the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Amidst Hamas Negotiations and Aid Arriving from Cyprus

The Prime Minister’s decision comes at a time when negotiations with the Palestinian group, Hamas are still ongoing. Simultaneously, a new shipment of aid has just arrived by sea from Cyprus to provide some relief to the region.

However, Rafah, with its population of over a million displaced individuals, poses significant concerns over the potential for civilian casualties.

Hamas’ Ceasefire Proposal and Israel’s Response

The Israeli approval to plan an attack on Rafah follows a proposed ceasefire by Hamas. The group suggested a prisoner swap, offering to release Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

Despite deeming Hamas’ requirements unrealistic, Israel is reportedly sending a delegation to Qatar for further consultations. The assault strategy on Rafah seems to be a tactic to pressure Hamas, accompanied by preparations for civilian evacuation if the situation escalates, although no specifics on the timelines for action have been fixed.

Conflict Casualties and Looming Humanitarian Crisis

The ongoing tension has already resulted in considerable damage, with an estimated casualty figure standing at 31,341 people—with women and children forming the majority of this tragic number. Further exacerbating this grim scenario is the warning from the United Nations (UN) about an impending famine, leading to the diversification in the routes for delivering aid.

Israeli Military Actions and the Spiraling Crisis

Recent military activities undertaken by Israel have led to an escalation in the crisis, with incidents such as the loss of 20 lives of individuals standing in line for aid adds to the grim tale. The airstrikes on distribution centers have seriously disrupted the systematic delivery of aid supplies.

Despite the trying circumstances, persistent efforts to achieve a ceasefire remain a priority, with mediators working tirelessly to facilitate an agreement before Ramadan.

Security Beefed up In Jerusalem

In view of the escalating situation, Jerusalem has seen a hike in its security measures, especially during the Friday prayers. There have been additional restrictions placed on the entry of worshippers from the West Bank into the city.


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