Deadly Strike in Odesa: Zelensky Vows Response After Russian Missile Attack Kills 20

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Odesa, Ukraine Reels Amid Russian Ballistic Missile Attack

Distressing news echoes from Ukraine as a residential area in Odesa reportedly bore the brunt of a Russian ballistic missile attack recently. According to our on-ground sources, the onslaught resulted in significant demolition, with casualty figures escalating to at least 20 fatalities and over 70 injuries, depicting the intensity of the assault. This episode of violence marks the most severe assault in recent weeks and is part of the continuing attacks on the city orchestrated by Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Condemns the Attack

Reflecting upon this shocking incident, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky vehemently criticized the attack. Vowing to match the enemies’ action, he assured that a proportionate response from the Ukrainian forces is in order. He pointed out the perpetrators of the missile assault were none other than the forces positioned in Russian-occupied Crimea. The weapon of choice, Iskander-M, wreaked havoc on the city’s civilian infrastructure, triggering massive disruptions in gas and electricity services.

A Medic and Rescuer Amongst the Casualties

This ruthless assault didn’t discriminate between its victims, causing the unfortunate demise of a medic and rescuer actively involved in the follow-up operations. The shockwaves were felt well beyond the physical destruction, leaving a lasting impact on the city’s inhabitants. However, in the face of adversity, the spirit of solidarity emerged stronger amongst the locals who responded to the crisis by engaging in blood donation drives, along with observing a day of mourning for their fellow citizens.

The Strategic Importance of Odesa

Odesa, recognized as a vital port city, has been consistently subject to looming threats, especially since Moscow abruptly withdrew from a grain shipment agreement brokered by the UN.Due to its geostrategic significance, any threat to Odesa escalates the stakes for Ukraine, threatening the broader national security framework.

Ukrainian Officials Accuse Russia of Indiscriminate Attacks

Urban officials strongly condemn the ongoing assaults, labeling them as explicit acts of Russian terror. The ire stems from the apparent indiscriminate bombardment on civilian settlements amidst the deepening conflict. The denial strategy deployed by Russia, contradicting their role in targeting civilians, is diluted when juxtaposed with the pattern of attacks across Ukraine since the full-fledged Russian invasion in February 2022.

Retaliatory Strikes by Ukraine

Ukraine has not remained dormant amidst these incessant attacks. The nation, in response, has instigated retaliatory strikes targeted at the technological and infrastructural core of Russia, including a calculated use of long-range drones.

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