Australia Implements Stricter Student Visa Policies Amid Soaring Migration and Rental Market Crisis

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Australia to Impose Stricter Visa Regulations Amidst Migration Record High

Our sources indicate that Australia is planning to implement stringent visa rules targeting international students. This move comes amid a surge in migration, which, consequently, may exacerbate the ongoing crunch in the rental market.

Taiwan’s Top Security Official Counsels Against Presidential Visit to South China Sea

In other news, Taiwan’s top security official cautioned against President Tsai Ing-wen’s proposed visit to the South China Sea, citing potential dangers due to China’s militaristic activities in the area.

Intel Pledges Massive Investment in U.S. Factories

We’ve also learnt that Intel, the global tech giant, is preparing to invest a whopping $100 billion in building U.S. factories. The undertaking is spurred by federal grant incentives and prospective additional tax relaxation.

Tencent Changes Gaming Strategy

Further afield, Tencent, the Chinese multinational conglomerate, is reportedly shifting its gaming approach. Our sources reveal that Tencent is now focusing on simpler, character-centric games as opposed to investing in complex foreign franchises.

Concerns Surround Political Stability in Vietnam

In South East Asia, Vietnam is experiencing a tumultuous political period with the resignation of its third president in just over a year. This rapid power fluctuation could potentially affect the confidence of foreign investors in the country’s stability and governance.

Joe Biden Criticizes Ted Cruz on Fundraising Tour

Back in the American political scene, U.S. President Joe Biden openly criticized Texas Senator Ted Cruz during a fundraising tour. Sources share that this tour has generated millions of dollars towards Biden’s re-election campaign.

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