US Police Seek YouTuber Who Shared Fast Motorcycle Journey Clip

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Colorado Authorities Issue Arrest Warrant for Speedster YouTuber

An arrest warrant has been issued by authorities in Colorado for a 32-year-old man following his high-speed motorcycle ride, which he videotaped and shared online. According to the source of Reader Wall, the man, identified as Rendon Dietzmann, has captured the attention of the Colorado State Police. He was seen speeding at such an alarming rate that he was able to travel between two major cities in just 20 minutes, a journey which normally takes an hour. Dietzmann shared a video in September showing him driving at over 150 miles per hour.

Dangerous Driving from Colorado Springs to Denver

Dietzmann, producing content under the YouTube handle Gixxer Brah, posted a now-deleted video of him speeding from Colorado Springs to Denver in just 20 minutes. According to Google Maps, the same drive should traditionally take around an hour. “Illegal and reckless driving will not be tolerated in Colorado,” a spokesperson for the state police said. They continue, expressing their focus on the safety of others on their roadways and outrage at Dietzmann’s disregard for others’ safety. 

Involvement of Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies

Our source reveals that the identification of the 32-year-old was part of a joint investigation involving the Colorado State Patrol, Dallas Police, and the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office in Colorado.

Public Online Persona

The account operated by Dietzmann on YouTube boasts over 250,000 subscribers, with nearly 500 videos available for viewing. The description of his page brazenly asserts his love for wheelies and speed. His Instagram account also has a considerable following of 171,000 people.

The Danger in the Videos

Constantly showcasing his reckless driving behavior, Dietzmann’s videos display his hazardous motorcycle rides across various U.S. regions. Such eye-catching content does not come without criticism — authorities note that his disregard for safety, both his own and others’, has led to numerous complaints. YouTube has communicated to Reader Wall that they have previously removed content from his channel, confirming that their policies strictly prohibit actions associated with high risk of significant physical harm or death.

Charges against the YouTuber

Dietzmann is currently sought after for a number of charges which include menacing, engaging in a speed contest, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, exceeding the speed limit by 40 mph, engaging in an exhibition of speed, and driving without license plates attached.

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