US attacks Iraqi sites following US troop injuries

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US Strikes Iran-Backed Militia Facilities in Iraq as Retaliation

News from the source of Reader Wall reveals that three facilities in Iraq allegedly linked to Iran-backed militias were hit by US strikes on Tuesday. The Pentagon revealed this just days after an attack on an Iraqi air base with a US presence over the weekend, leading to casualties.

Rise in attacks on US troops since October

As per records, approximately 150 attacks against US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria have taken place since the start of the Israel-Gaza war in October. The culprits are suspected to be militants who ally themselves with Iran.

Ballistic Missile Attack on Ain al-Asad air base

The previous Saturday, four US personnel were gravely injured from a strike on Iraq’s Ain al-Asad air base. The assault involved the unloading of several ballistic missiles and rockets, reportedly launched by the Iran-backed militants from within the borders of Iraq.

Direct Response to Escalatory Attacks

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin revealed that the strikes on the three facilities – suspected dens of the Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia group and other Iran-affiliated groups in Iraq – were imperative and proportional reactions. These surgical strikes were directly aimed at responding to a surge in attacks against US and coalition personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iran-sponsored militias,” Austin clarified.

Rising Violence in Middle East

The bold attacks on the US have been attributed to the US support of Israel in its fight against the Iran-backed Palestinian militant group, Hamas. The war in Gaza shows signs of spiralling, signified by recent US strikes against Houthi targets that have instigated attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

US Soldiers on Ground in Iraq and Syria

As of now, 900 US troops are stationed in Syria and another 2,500 in Iraq. Their primary duties include advising and providing assistance to local armies to prevent a potential resurgence of the Islamic State, which had once held control over vast regions of both countries.

Castigation of Recent Drone Strike in Baghdad

U.S forces may face eviction following a drone strike in Baghdad earlier this month. Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani’s office announced this movement. While the Pentagon stated that the striked led to the death of a militia leader involved in recent assaults on U.S. personnel, the act was criticized by the Baghdad administration.

The Uncertain Position of US Troops in Iraq

Despite al-Sudani’s reliance on some Iran-supported factions to gain political power, he maintains limited influence over them. Now, those factions form a powerful bloc within his governing coalition. Incidentally, the Pentagon has not received formal notification of any decision to end US troop presence in Iraq. It insists that their presence in Iraq is at the invitation of the government in Baghdad.


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