Ukraine’s Zelenskyy unveils second pro-industry entity to assist firms amid conflict

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Ukraine’s President Announces Initiative to Support Businesses Amidst Controversy

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine has revealed in a recent announcement the birth of a second body aimed at supporting businesses in the face of ongoing conflict. The declaration was made following the discontent expressed by numerous entrepreneurs after the arrest of a high-profile banker. The news comes from the reliable source of Reader Wall.

All-Ukraine Economic Platform

The Ukrainian head of state has named the new organization the “All-Ukraine Economic Platform.” He outlined its role in his weekly video address, explaining that it will be instrumental in helping businesses navigate the hurdles stemming from Russia’s almost biennial assault. He emphatically noted that it will be a “fresh communication mechanism with businesspersons,” and it will include the “total business community.”

The Support of Entrepreneurs

Apart from the All-Ukraine Economic Platform, President Zelenskyy earlier this week also announced the formation of another body – the Council for the Support of Entrepreneurship. He provided clarity about the objectives of this council, asserting that it aims to bolster the economy and shed light on issues pertaining to law enforcement. Decrees that officially created both institutions were released to the public on Friday.

Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude towards those entrepreneurs who “remain in the country and keep their businesses and jobs” amidst the challenges.

Controversial Arrest of Banker

The recent arrest of prominent banker Ihor Mazepa stirred the business community and was a triggering event leading to the creation of the aforementioned entities. President Zelenskyy admitted the situation was “difficult” and happened following discussions with business leaders.

Opposing voices arose when Mazepa was taken into custody under allegations of illicit land acquisition in the northern part of Kyiv for luxury housing development. Since then, Mazepa has been released from pre-trial detention after a reduction in his bail amount.

Mazepa committed to contest the court’s decision to detain him, reasoning that the case against him was a consequence of his criticism of law enforcement agencies. His company, Concorde Capital, has a standing history of approximately 20 years in Ukraine. Officials from his company and his brother were also arrested.

Future Plans

In addition, President Zelenskyy stated that the National Security and Defence Council, responsible for deciding defense policies, was the underlying structure for forming the Council for the Support of Entrepreneurship. The council also proclaimed its intentions to revise the criminal code conditions concerning the detention and prosecution of business figures.

This move by the Ukrainian government, brought to you by Reader Wall, shows a marked step towards supporting domestic businesses in trying times and maintaining an open dialogue with the business community.

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