Thai University Pupils Win at Global Snow Statue Contest

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The Unlikely Victors of an International Snow Sculpting Competition

The 16th annual international snow sculpture competition for university students held in Harbin, China, found its unlikely champions in four unassuming college students from a tropical region – Thailand. The team, headed by 18-year-old Sudakan Jardkaew, encountered and overcame several hurdles, such as becoming at ease with the northeastern China’s chilling temperatures and aligning themselves to the concept of snow sculpting. Yet, remarkably, they stood victorious.

A Homage to Thai Culture

The sculpture crafted by the team which garnered them the winning title was entitled “Tuk Tuk on Tour“. Representing the emblem of Thailand – an autorickshaw, the sculpture was intricately woven with patterns and elements reminiscent of Thai culture and traditions. Through their artwork, they depicted a journey narrating the diverse heritage of the various regions of Thailand, providing an eloquent glimpse into their rich cultural history.

The Path to Victory

The journey to the triumph, however, wasn’t handed to the Thai team on a silver platter. Having no prior experience in snow carving, the team devoted three weeks to training and preparing for the competition, using materials from clay and cement to ice cubes. This not only showcased their dedication but also their innate ability to improvise creatively. Sudakan, the team lead, expressed that their prime focus was to give it their all to ensure they held no regrets, no matter the results – a mindset that ultimately led them to victory.

A Platform for Cultural Exchange

The motive behind the participation of the students was not solely to secure a win. The students were encouraged by their institution, Saowabha Vocational College, to view the contest as a platform for cultural exchange. Araya Chaichuwong, the deputy director of the college, emphasized the importance of such cultural exchanges, applauding the pride they brought to their institution and their country. The contest hosted by the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in collaboration with Harbin Engineering University saw participation from 57 teams globally, culminating in a convergence of diverse cultures and traditions.


Finally, the victory of the Thai students in the international snow sculpture competition serves as a shining example of determination, adaptability and intense cultural pride. It stands a testament to the triumphs that can be achieved when passion is fused with sheer dedication. Their inspired path to victory unquestionably poses as a beacon of motivation for budding artists and scholars worldwide.

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