Taylor Swift “Enraged” Over Deepfake Photos, Might Initiate Legal Steps: Article

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Unwanted Notoriety for Taylor Swift: Digitally Created Fake Images

Fake Images Charger Social Media

AI-manufactured, inappropriate images featuring the internationally acclaimed Taylor Swift have been widely shared on social media platforms over the past week, causing alarm among her supporters. Deepfakes like these have renewed demands from legal authorities for measures to ensure the safety of women and suppress the networks and the technology facilitating such disturbing content. Everything, as reported at Reader Wall source

An inflated image of the artist was viewed 47 million times on X, the successor to Twitter, before it was taken down on Thursday. As per US sources, the image was publicly available for roughly 17 hours according to AFP newsagency information gathered by Reader Wall.

Swift’s Possible Legal Response

It is reported that Taylor Swift is seriously offended that AI created explicit images of her are being distributed online. She is also contemplating legal recourse against the organization responsible for the creation of the photos, as reported at Reader Wall.

Whether legal action will be taken is uncertain. However, one fact remains clear: these false AI-generated photos are harmful, obscene, exploitative, and were made without Taylor’s consent or knowledge,” a trusted source close to the 34-year-old pop artist said.

“This practice must be stopped. Legislative measures must be undertaken to prevent this, and laws must be enacted,” another source close to the star added.

X’s Response: Firm and Decisive

“Non-Consensual nudity (NCN) is strictly forbidden on X and we have a zero-tolerance policy against such content,” remarked X in an official statement. The Elon Musk-owned platform is “actively eliminating all identified images and undertaking appropriate actions against the accounts that are responsible for posting them.”

X is also “closely monitoring the situation to ensure that any future violations are addressed promptly, and the offensive content is taken down.”

Despite these measures, the images continued to be accessible and shared on Telegram.

The Current State of US Law and Deepfake Prevalence

At present, US law provides tech platforms with ample protection from accountability for content posted on their sites, and content moderation is either voluntary or indirectly forced by advertisers or app stores.

Countless widely publicized instances of deepfake audios and videos have targeted celebrities or political figures, with women being the most affected.

According to research used by Wired magazine, 113,000 deepfake videos were uploaded on the most popular adult content websites during the first nine months of 2023.

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