Supporting Senate bill, Biden vows to seal the border during high activity

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President Biden’s Future Plans on Border Compromise

Detailed Insight into President Biden’s Border Closure Promise

According to our Reader Wall source, on a recent Friday, President Joe Biden expressed his firm commitment to fortifying the US borders. Describing the border compromise currently being discussed in the U.S. Senate as the “fairest and toughest” package of reforms conceivable, he pledged to close the border on the day the relevant legislation is signed.

“The agreement under negotiation, if legislated, would represent the most robust and equitable set of reforms ever experienced in our nation in terms of border security,” declared the President.

“The legislation would grant me additional emergent powers as President, allowing me to close the border during a crisis. The very day I append my signature to the bill, I will exercise that authority, assuming it’s granted,” he added.

Situation Around US Senate Talks

Biden’s statement followed bipartisan talks in the U.S. Senate regarding a border security deal, pivotal to further Ukraine aid. These discussions have reached a make-or-break juncture, as per Thursday’s lawmaker reports.

A handful of senators have devoted several months to draft an agreement to manage the influx of migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border.

In the course of these talks, the White House confirmed acceptance of a new migrant expulsion authority proposition. This would permit the swift return of illegal U.S.-Mexico border crossers to Mexico if daily apprehensions exceed the 4,000 mark, as disclosed by two privy sources.

If this number rose above 5000 daily apparitions, the use of the expulsion power would become obligatory. U.S. government data released on Friday disclosed that December’s average daily apprehensions exceeded 8,000.

Comparison and Opposition

Readers should note that this broad authority would echo the temporary COVID-originated Title 42 policy introduced under former President Donald Trump during the pandemic’s height and later abolished under Biden’s administration in May 2023.

However, the ongoing discussions face increasing objections from Republicans aligning with Donald Trump, their party’s likely Presidential nominee.

House Speaker Mike Johnson voiced earlier in the day that the currently constructed Senate border deal was “dead on arrival”, CNN had reported. This was conveyed in a letter to Republican lawmakers part of the House of Representatives and adds to the growing skepticism.

Republicans aligned with Trump have become even more doubtful since the ex-president warned via social media against any agreement that falls short of completely shutting down border crossings.

Additional Measures and Suggestions

Republicans in U.S. Congress are stalling emergency Ukrainian funding while aiming to solidify a deal that reinforces security along the U.S.-Mexico border. Concurrently, President Biden on Friday urged Congress to provide the funds he proposed in October to secure the border.

“I am seeking additional resources including 1,300 border patrol agents, 375 immigration judges, 1,600 asylum officers, and over 100 advanced inspection machines to detect and prevent fentanyl from entering through our southwest border”, stated the President.

Note: this article includes input from Reuters.

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