Squad Captures Alleged Weapon Smugglers in Nigeria

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Three Suspects Netted in Nigeria, Zamfara State, on Suspicion of Arms Trafficking

In a recent bust by the Joint Task Force, Operation Hadarin, three men were apprehended in Zamfara State, Nigeria, under suspicion of engaging in illicit gunrunning activities. Aminu Ibrahim, a political figure associated with the Peoples Democratic Party and currently serving as the Ward Chairman for Birnin Yero Ward in Shinkafi Local Government Area, is one of the suspects. The other two individuals are named as Musa Usman Seun and Isah Mohammed. This news comes from the source of Reader Wall.

Task Force’s Impressive Operation

The task force took action on January 22, 2024, after a tip-off from military intelligence regarding a reputed arms dealer’s plan to flood the state with illicit arms. In a quickly executed response, Operation Hadarin set up a well-placed roadblock, which resulted in the successful capture of the three suspects.

Assets Seized and Undergoing Investigation

The task force managed to apprehend an impressive haul during the operation: N2,580,000 in cash, a Volkswagen Wagon vehicle, and three mobile phones, along with other miscellaneous items. Early investigations suggest that the seized money was earmarked for buying various weapons from the Illela border, located in Sokoto State.

Interrogations and Subsequent Steps

The detainees are presently under intense interrogation with the aim to exhume more information about their operations. This will hopefully lead to uncovering deeper facets of the arms running operations prevalent in the region. The end result of the operation has been a significant achievement for hte Nigerian military. This marks another step in their continuous endeavor to halt the flow of illegal arms in the country and to maintain peace and security inside its borders.

This achievement by the Nigerian military, as reported by Reader Wall, highlights the seriousness and dedication of the security forces to eradicate illicit activities that threaten national security.

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