Singapore imprisons man of Indian-descent for harassing home-helper

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An Indian-Origin Man Receives Jail Term for Intentional Assault

Singaram Palianeapan, an Indian-origin man, was sentenced to 10-month imprisonment following his guilt plea for voluntary hurt and applying criminal force intending to dishonor a woman.

90-Second Terror in Elevator

According to information from Reader Wall, 61-year-old Singaram had pursued a household employee into a lift and subjected her to harassment. The woman was left helpless and trapped for almost one and a half minutes inside that confined area.

Almost a month later, Singaram, while on bail at the time, threw three punches at a man at a bicycle shop. His fist was wrapped in a metal chain, presenting a clear and present danger. Additional charges akin to this heinous act were accounted for during the final sentence proclaimed by the judge in the court.

The Detailed Incident

Official court reports depict that on September 28, 2022, while out getting food, the domestic helper was offered money by Singaram to buy herself a drink. She initially dismissed the offer, although took the money later, upon Singaram’s insistence.

Upon making her purchase, she walked back to her employer’s home. Meanwhile, Singaram trailed her. When they both arrived at their housing block’s elevator, Singaram pushed the button for the 17th floor. However, when the woman intended to push the button for the 5th floor, Singaram inhibited her.

Jordy Kay, the Deputy Public Prosecutor, informed that Singaram began molesting her as soon as the lift started moving. He then requested the victim to follow him as the lift reached the 17th floor. After her refusal, he returned to the lift and punched in the 7th floor. He resumed his illicit activity as they were in transit. Singaram stayed with her in the lift for approximately 88 seconds, and everything he did was recorded by the elevator’s surveillance camera, revealed Kay.

Another Assault and Sentencing

Singaram was apprehended and subsequently released on bail the day after, on September 29. On October 28, almost a month later, a dispute bubbled up between Singaram and Yeoh Su Kai at his friend’s cycle shop. Singaram then assaulted Yeoh thrice using a metal chain extracted from his mobility device.

Prosecutor Kay, urging a prison sentence varying from nine to eleven months for Singaram, underlined the fact that, despite the almost negligible sexual violation, an attempt was undeniably made to touch the domestic worker’s chest area. The prosecutor further underlined the menace of Singaram’s metal chain use on Yeoh, particularly considering the victim sustained injuries on his head.

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