Sarawak Minister Clarifies: Non-Muslims Limited to One Spouse Amid Viral Wedding

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Sarawak Minister Comments on Controversial Wedding Ceremony

At a recent event in Kuching, Minister Fatimah Abdullah of Sarawak’s Ministry for Women, Childhood and Community Wellbeing Development provided clarification regarding a local man’s alleged marriage to two women. The images from the wedding, which showed the trio garbed in traditional wedding outfits, had gone viral on the internet, creating a ripple of controversy.

Potential Legal Misunderstandings

The Minister noted that while the situation may appear to violate Malaysian laws prohibiting polygamy for non-Muslims, such was not necessarily the case. She cited the nuances of various laws governing marriages in Sarawak, specifically pointing out the distinctions among civil, Muslim, and native customary marriages. Using our source, She stated that the public might have misconstrued the reality of the situation as the event was not a legal wedding but merely a dinner reception.

Clarification from National Registration Department (NRD)

Providing further clarification, the National Registration Department (NRD) reportedly said that the legal status of marriage was not conferred at the said event. The man at the centre of the controversy, known to be the owner of a local kolo mee hawker stall, along with the two women, his employees, have not faced any legal consequences or police involvement in connection with the incident.

Social Media Response

The controversial event has ignited a wave of discussion on social media platforms. People are engaging in debates around the complexities of matrimonial law in Malaysia and Sarawak’s cultural practices. This incident significantly underscores the need for increased public awareness around legal distinctions and cultural nuances inherent in marital practices within diverse communities.

Dine Reception Not a Wedding

  • The controversial event was reportedly a dinner reception, not a legal wedding ceremony.
  • The man involved is a local businessman operating a food stall, with the women identified as his employees.
  • No legal action has been taken, nor police questioning has been initiated against any of the parties involved.
  • In conclusion, it is important to note that while freedom of expression is upheld, the interpretation of an event should be based on facts and understanding rather than assumptions and misinformation.


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